Proud New WR Owner!

Dayum but does this thing haul! :thumbsup: I was at Hager Honda in Rock Hill SC, and they had a gently used 05 WR450. I looked it over,and it had 360 miles,and a boat load of add ons, and it was pristine to boot.The bonus was that the guy who I know that works there knew the bike (and the guy who rode it) and said that he was an older guy with health issues. So I bought it for 4k,and after riding it now I understand the health issues part. After reading the old posts on the forum here I found out that all the "free" mods have already been done. So..a couple questions for you guys. Synthetic oil? If so what weight/brand? What bike stand do you guys use? Keep or dump the kick stand? If I re-connect the grey wire can I recork the thing until I get used to it? The video maint. DVD's,are they any good? I know these questions are subjective,but I like to know what everybody else is running,experience has told me that is a good starting point. Thanks guys,I'll see ya on the trails!!! :thumbsup:

I have an 05 also and I love it. I have the FMF lift stand, works great. Leave the kickstand attached. Find out if the AIS has been removed, if not I'd do so. I assume that it's jetted correctly. After you get used to it you'll want a little more performance so here's what I recommend, gear the front sprocket down to 13 tooth and get the GYT-R muffler and header.....and hold on tight.

Also a good set of handguards and a Guts Racing soft seat. Enjoy!

I also have an 05. Have fun with it

- keep the kickstand, its all you'll need for the trails

- get a hydraulic bike lift off of ebay and keep it at home for maintenance

- I use Motul 10-40 oil. Its good for me

- you can reconnect the gray wire, but also put back in the longer throttle stop.

- keep a fresh charge on the batter (battery tender)

- if its still got the stock dunlop 739 tire on front, then change it for a dunlop 756.

- MOST IMPORTANT: set up your suspension correctly

- raise forks in the clamps to turn better

Hope you have fun!

- you can reconnect the gray wire, but also put back in the longer throttle stop.

i to have a bog standard 05 model to :thumbsup:

anyway ive read about the grey wire mod but what needs to be done to through throttle?

Thanks guys...I will make the adjustments to the forks,though I didnt really have that much of an issue turning it.Of more concern is the fact that it is so high,I hate the thought of tipping Thanks for the tip on the Motul!

Congrats on the new bike. I bought my 05 recently too off a guy in an almost identical situation. He had problems with his knee and had only put 880kms on it since new (550mi), the bike hardly had a mark on it. I took it out for the first time last weekend and it rips!, I am stoked with it. The only thing that concerns me is he was running Motul 300V in it during the run in. I dropped it and put in some 5100 (10W-50) to hopefully put a stop to any glazing. Seems to run well though :thumbsup:.

Yea, Im coming off of a 93 Suzuki RMX that I modified heavily through the years. I thought the RMX ripped, until I twisted the throttle on that WR. For some reason every time anybody brought up 4 strokes I got a picture in my head of a tired old XR that I owned once,this bike aint no XR. For the record though I am gonna find a nice used 2 smoker,I cant give em up,and it will be nice to mix things up sometimes.

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