2006 Yz450f

Hey guys,

I have a 2006 YZ450F that has 28 hours on the bike. One day i rode it at a track and had a wreck that I don't know if it caused the problem. But when i went to ride it at a later date it would miss at lower rpms. I can only tell when i am at a steady throttle. At full throttle it would run like a champ. We messed with the jetting and that didn't help. We started going through the electrical systems and we tested the volts coming out of the stator and it would jump eracticly at low rpms so we replaced the stator. It helped alot but didn't cure the problem. I then messed with the jetting somemore even went as low as a 38 pilot and still the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How long did the bike sit for? To me it sounds like your pilot jet is plugged try cleaning the pilot jet and the bike should run good.

Have you tried fresh gas? In Nebraska you have a lot of ethanol in your fuel and it doesn't store well. Mike

I went through the carb completely thinking it was that too. It only sat maybe two days at most and i run 95 octane from harley davidson so i don't think it has any ethanol in it but im not for sure.

Sounds like the TPS,both of my 07's did this at about 1/8th throttle steady,it was a very mild miss. Cannot jet it out,is the miss drastic? It definetly starting doing this after the fall?

We checked the resistance on the tps and it checked out but anything is possible. It started after the fall.

I would check the hot start cable, lever and the entire mechanism. I would also check the vaccum plate and rubber gasket on the carb slide. If it is cracked or the rubber seal isn't sealing properly the bike runs like crap at low rpm's but runs fine up top!

CROGGR good to see you around! I still need to send you my suspension...

Did you put the slide plate in upside down after you cleaned the carb?

Did you put the slide plate in upside down after you cleaned the carb?

Definetly double check yourself on that one.:thumbsup: Also have you checked the float height?

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