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Red thinking Blue for girlfriend

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Okay, I come from the Red side. My fiance :blush:came off of a TTR125L and rode my CRF450R for a few months. She loved it because she can clear jumps on the big bike now. My good friend let her rode his 250F and she came away very impressed. She told me that my bike was a tank.....yada yada..yada....

The problem now is that a brand new 250F costs too much.

I've been told that you can put an 03 cam on an 02 or 01 250F and the starting will be like butter? Is this true?

If this is true, then I'm definitely getting a used 250F and change to an 03 cam for her. The starting sucks on the older 250F (and don't tell me otherwise either!).

Thanks for any comments on this. PLease...no flames...just your honest opinions....

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