radiator Guards

Ahhhhh, another great day of riding...unfortunately this one is going to cost me some $$$$$......fell down a hill and smashed the side of one of my radiators. Can anyone recommed a radiator guard that would help protect agaisnt side impacts (and not weigh a ton) ?

Also, the leak was on the top side of the radiator...very little fluid came out.....I kept riding and didn't notice anymore fluid loss or leaking.....should I buy a new radiator, repair this rad., or just ignore it and ride?

have it soldered


Repair it man. Search the archives, many good places had been posted here. My totally flattened rad cost me $25 to have fixed, I gave the dude at "Brighton Radiator, that's right, Brighton Radiator, here in beautiful Brighton Colorado" (nice plug huh!) gave him and extra $20 for the work. Dude saved me over $200, and the rad looks good as new.


Dodger :):D

The answer to the question you asked is: Devol Radiator Guards will do the trick.


There are several others as well.

Bonzai :)

Flat Land Racing makes some HD guards. If you order them from Thumper Racing, they're less money??? The FL guards are one piece that wraps all the way around the radiator and uses the stock rad mounting positions.

Isn't the DeVol two pieces?


i have yet to find these for sale on the TT page? All I find is the bike carrier and the stickers?

Thumper Racing is different than ThumperTalk.com. I also have the Flatland Racing radiator guards and they are top notch. Check out www.flatlandracing.com

100% agreed with YAMAKAZE!

Devol is the BEST.

No, the Devol are one piece (like Yamakaze's anyways). I just so happen to have a set of brand new, never been installed, never been opened guards that fit the '98-'00 WR and the '98-'99 YZ (old style radiators) that I'll sell for a reasonable price.


Check your personal email or the one at mindspring.com anyway.

some one has way to much time on their hands.


So Momilkman did you figure where I could learn to get them yet? :) Yes I must have had a brain fart.

I can vouch to Devol Radiator Guards. They are pretty solid and fit nicely. ( Thanks Yamakaze for recommendation )

They seem to be very strong - I haven't actually tested them .... yet !

Hope I never have to but I feel this may be unavoidable. I have to start learning to use breaks.


I have the Works Connection rad gards

and they work well, heck! I've tested them many times! but if I were to do it over I would get the Flat Land Racing. I've looked pretty much at them all...


thanks for the replies...radiator has been sent for repair and still trying to decide between Devol & Flatland......JT

DEVOL !!!!

Ok, Im sorry, I was trying to avoid saying this again but I cant resist...

Flatland guards are the best bar-none.

There I said it...WHEW!

I have the Flatland Racing guards and am very satisfied with the fit and construction.

DEVOL !!!!!!!!

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