finance promotion !!

i just called my cycle shop and they said that they would still honor the 0 down 0 payment 0 interest for the WR450's even if they arrive in january. he also told me that if your not planning on paying off the bike within the 6 months that it's not worth to do that finance promotion.he said that if you get the bike which is $6399.99 by the time you add tax and freight charges your lookin at $7000.00 or so. with the finance promotion your paying 17.9 % interest.let's just say your payments are $100 a month with the finance promotion your paying 90% interest and 10% principal.... that sux !! now if you get the bike without the finance promotion you'll get a lower interest and at $100 a month 50 % is finance charges and 50% goes to the principal. which is alot better than !! this is what he told me i don't know if that's how his shop is run or if that's how it is for everyone . i just thought i'd let everyone know . so if your not gonna pay off the bike in 6 months it's not worth worrying about the finance promotion !! hope this helps everyone

Thanks for the info. May plan is delay having to make a payment for six months to get through christmas and also to give me a little more time to save up, then just before it comes due in July go borrow what I need from the local credit union. Still waiting for that phone call saying "your WR450 is in."

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