Stopping the forks from twisting

My son’s forks/clamps get twisted very easily. For example, if he tips over while barely moving through a corner the bars get twisted out of wack. I can grab the bars and wheel and pull them back. I have torqued the triple clamps, bars, bar mounts and both steering nuts to spec. I have loosened the top clamp and torqued the steering then retightened the top clamp. Nothing has worked yet. This doesn’t happen on any of our other bikes. Have I overlooked something? They shouldn't get twisted so easily.



leave the top clamp tight and loosen the lower clamp pinch bolts. Shake the bars left and right and bounce the front end a few times. Then look to see if the forks are straight. If they are not, one of the tubes may be bent.

I'm having the same problem with my YZ. dang, i hope my forks aren't bent, although i could pick some up on ebay pretty cheap i'd rather not. I need to find out though because im getting ready to get mine revalved so thatd be bad...

i have had this problem with all my yz's. drop the bike in a corner and front wheel is all out of wack.

i finally broke down and got a torque wrench mainly to tighten my triple clamps.

found out i never tightned them enough without it in fear of crushing the fork tube.

now that they are all set to the proper torque spec this problem rarely happens unless i really wad it up hard.

15 ft-lbs is the proper torque spec for the triple clamps on my 07.

Quit dropping the bike?

Quit dropping the bike?

easy to say, but it shouldn't do that.:crazy:

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