Top Speed bogging/cutting out??

Looking for some 01 WR426 started doing something strange. I was out on a lakebed, wide open throttle and my bike started cutting out, not the rev limiter, it was almost like it was running out of gas. Just choking off. I've had this bike for 6 years and have made this trip many times over with nothing happening like this before. I was cruising for about 15 miles, then the indcident started happening. I was in 5th gear, not totally pinned out, just almost there (70-75 mph), and the bike would start cutting out like it wanted to die. I would then drastically reduce throttle and it would be fine. I tried down shifting to 4th, then WOT again and the same thing...sputter,cough, splat. :thumbsup: . The bike ran great on slower speeds but not at top speed. I just had the valves adjusted right before the trip as well. Any ideas?

Spark plug would be my first guess, if that doesn't fix it check your bowl, you might be sucking some crud up that's been collecting in the carb.

I would say a fuel system & carb cleaning are the cheapest and first thing i would do. Then coil/cap/cdi testing.

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