Accident Insurance

Another post I made last night gave me an idea. I'll ask you guys about this. Does anyone know of a SUPPLEMENTAL accident insurance policy that will cover extended disability costs, hospital, and possible long-term care if an injury is caused by a crash during an organized event? How about income replacement insurance under the same conditions? My company just began offering coverage from AFLAC (at employee expense), but it specifically excludes injury as a result of a crash during an organized competition.

I am definitely NOT looking to defraud any insurance carrier. It would not work anyway. The ambulance that lugs our sorry butts to the hospital is likely contracted to be at the race. The attendants are required to submit details when they drop you off.

Anyone know of a carrier that does not exclude?


Well, Jeff Emig had a policy with Loyd's of London and he was paid $1 million when he suffered career ending injuries. :)

Great if you can afford it....

there was also a clause in emig's policy that stated that he isn't allowed to compete as a pro anymore after he got his settlement

I know Dan, I was just playin' around, not really what you were asking about anyway.

On a serious side... I was riding at the Elsinore track around a year ago, actually it was first thing in the morning while we were getting ready, track about to open. Anyway, a woman was walking around the pits trying to sell long term disability insurance that covered you for a racing accident. I can't remember if medical coverage was included or not. I never saw her again and don't have any contact info for her but maybe that will jar someone else's memory.

ok i just read the rest of the post. But for all of you who dont race competition then aflac is the way to go.


The accedental injury plan. I have used mine twice now. 240 bucks they give right to you about 2 weeks after seeing the doctor. Good stuff.

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I got a card in the mail from the AMA about a week ago concerning personal injury insurance, Didn't pay it any attention just threw it in the drawer....Mabe I should read it.

Bonzai :)

join the military, they cover everything.

AFLAC was offered at my work. I examined the cost and exclusions and in my opinion it was a ripoff. It was set up so that it *never* paid out more than you paid in. But then the policy offered to you might be different than what we saw.

aflac is the bom guys. If you have a bike you should get it if you can. it covers what you regular insurance dosent. excepy they send the money to you. you get $120 for twisting your knee and going to the doctor. now questions asked. If you have surgery it pays a ton more. i thing for a hospital stay it pays $1050 on top of your regular insurance. It hink it is well worth the 16 bucks every two weeks. I have already gotten my money's worth. My opinion

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