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2002 LA 2 B 2 V

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Just wanted to share the best Dual Sport ride I've ever been on...

The 02 La to B to V was my FIRST Dual Sport ride EVER! WOW! That was definatley the BEST, most

INTENSE, AWESOME, GNARLEY, ROCKY, and trying ride ever! Before we even made it to lunch on the first

day... I had already ridden more miles, and conqured obstacles (ROCKS) HARDER than ever before. I've only

had my XR4 for a couple of months (about 4), in fact I bought it just so I could make this ride. I've only been

riding for about 2 years... and really only any good for the past 6 months. The group of guys I rode with have

done the last 4 or 5 LA to V's. They said this was the Hardest, most intense one ever! That made me feel pretty

good! Their Hardest, was my FIRST! And I finished, and had a blast! Of course we took all of the hard ways,

long ways, more dirt options and the ROCKIEST stuff I'd ever seen on two wheels! But I made it! Most of all I

made it on my own... I got some help from a few people and helped a few others out in turn! I have to say that

every time I was impressed with what I had just ridden through... Something better was waiting ahead. On the

first day... It was SO COOL, riding through the streets just itching for some DIRT with a pack of other riders! Next

thing ya know... there it was! Some relatively fast and loose fire road type stuff. Of course I missed a turn (on 245

I think it was) and ended up looking at a downed Pine tree. I eventually made it back to the turn-off only to find

about 15 other riders just as confused as I was... My riding partners were LONG GONE by this time (lucky me)...

Well I made a decision (more like a guess) and headed down the trail. Eventually meeting up with a group of

other riders and tagging along with them. By this time I had NO idea where I was on the rollchart and mileage...

Then came the Hard/ Easy split... There I met up with the others in my group (they were all well rested since

they had been there for 20 minutes). And we headed off on the Hard way... AWESOME! Then I got to the

section on the rollchart that said... YOU LIKE ROCKS? NOOO! That was the first and only crash section for me

of the two days! Right in the begining where you turned off the paved road... in fact 15 feet into the rock

garden... I got bucked off, and grew a short left leg! Well... I got my bike back on track, took a deeeeeeep breath

and motored on! There were some great water crossings nice single track, and alot more ROCK GARDENS! By

the time I was coming down the mountain it was starting to snow... I hadn't seen another rider in a while...

STARTING TO GET A LITTLE NERVOUS! Was I going the right way? Was I still on the course? Well at that

point there was one thing I knew for sure... I wasn't going back the way I came! And just then... there was

another rider stopped on the side taking a picture of the view. WHEW! I was going the right direction...! About

10 miniutes later... there was a GREY jeep on the side of the trail (overheating). They were good to go... and so

was I! Finally some asphalt! By the time I got to the lunch stop (checkpoint) I was soaked, tired, pumped, and

not quite sure what was next... We choaked down a tasty burger and had a beer... Just when we were getting

ready to head out... we were re-routed... And understandibly so. The weather was getting much worse, and the

roads were being closed. We were bummed but headed back down HWY 18 into Lucerne Valley. By the time

we got to the 76 station...we had all pretty much had enough for the day! The only direction we got from that

point was to Hall Ass into Barstow VIA 247... another 32 hwy miles. BUMMER! But we did so. Pulling in to

Barstow was even better than leaving Chaparral. And then there was the checkpoint and HOTEL! Right ON!

Time for some DRY clothes, food, and COLD BEER!!! I WAS PUMPED, to say the least! Dissapointed that we

couldn't finsh the course after lunch because of the weather, but glad just the same after hearing about the

CAOS and people getting STUCK! Day one was, all of the HARD ways and ROCKS for me! A major

accomplishment just in the first day! The "SANDMAN" came extreemly early that night... With the heater

CRANKED all the way up, and all the wet riding gear hanging up and the boots upside down over the vent...

Day 2 came EARLY! Got out of the Hotel, gassed up and started about 5:30 am. Which later would prove to be

a good thing! The first section was fun and a little wet. Started hearing some strange noises coming from the

bike though... I wasn't quite sure what it was but it didn't sound good. Got to the challenge option (sand wash)

and had my buddy ride my bike for a minute to see what he thought... ??? good to go??? So, we motored on...

In to some of the wettest sand washes I think I've ever seen! Really tricky and loose! I was SO glad by that point

that I had put a new front tire on! Without it I probably would have given up! And then... AFTON CANYON!!!

Some of the most fun water crossings (DEEP ONES TOO) and sand wash trails! It was pretty cool riding

alongside the train for a few miles as well. The two BIG water crossings were cool! I wish I would've gotten a few

pictures going accross! When I got to the second one, no one would cross... everyone was taking the Rail Road

Bridge... What to do? Cross the water? Take the bridge? I started to cross the water, and then at the last minute

decided to take the bridge as well... I didn't want to get left behind! Wish I would have just crossed it though! On

into Baker for some much needed fuel and a ciggarette break! By this time it was raining pretty good and all of

us were soaked again... But we took the all dirt long way! WOW! That was some soft stuff, but really fun just the

same... The abandoned rail road grade was really fun as well! You had to pay attention to the rollchart and

keep your eyes OPEN! On through Dumont Dunes. Man I didn't realize that Dumont was that big! There were

some KILLER little trails everywhere! Some fun single track with some sandy sandy sections! What a "HOOT"!!!

Then we had our first FLAT! One of my buddies popped a front tire on a rock. Oh well, the fastest tube change

in my history and we were off... The next section on into luch was even better! Some really fast trails with some

spicey areas just to keep you on your toes... We got out of the dirt and onto some paved road... and what

happens, the same guy that got the flat runs out of gas... Luckily there was a REALLY NICE guy picking up his

riders right there, and he gave him some gas... Then we get to the lunch stop! RIGHT ON! Good grub and gas...

Awesome JOB! Lunch was good and everyone was really friendly! PROPS to the Sandy Valley PTA and D-37!!!

bi#chen STOP! I was ready to start all over after that! Well... by now we were all beat down! and ready to get to

Vegas! Only a few more miles (86). The trail after lunch was just as awesome as all of the rest... some more fast

trails with some spicey areas as well. The area leading up to the Boy Scout Camp was really neet as well, but it

was nice to slow down and kick back for those last few miles... Then the decision... MORE DIRT, MORE DIRT,

LONG WAY TO VEGAS!!! GEEEEZZZZ!!! Glad we went that route! The First section was REALLY trickey!

LOOSE rocky rutted river bed? Well whatever you want to call it it was technical! But MAN was it worth it... RED

ROCK Canyon ROCKED!!! REALLY awesome sights and slippery trails! And RED MUD! Just plain bi#chEN!!!

And then the end of the DIRT... Just a few more miles to the SAN REMO!!! YEAH BABY!!! We made IT! Over

400 miles ( I think 465?) of bitchen riding and INTENSE WEATHER!!! What an AWESOME FEELING, riding

into VEGAS... all MUDDY, soaking WET, TIRED and SWEATY! WHEW!!! What a KILLER RIDE!!! Our Wives

were there waiting at the finish... With LOTS of cold beer and smiling faces!!! DAMN it was good to be there!!!

With time to spare before the Banquet... After a HOT shower a few laughs and a couple of beers... it was time to

head in to the banquet... Man, great JOB! The food was great! There was ALOT stuff given out! I think almost

everyone walked out of there with something...




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cool story, I want to try it out next year, probably need the bigger tank by then...

Me and some freinds are doing a yearly Vegas meet I could time my way

in for the party. Unfortunalty I live 500 miles north of LA so my ride

would be called sacramento to LA - LV... 🙂

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