brake switch help

Does anyone know what wires I tie the brake switch in to, My freind give me a prototype and it has no instuctions thanks

Just installed one a couple of weeks ago with no instructions from BJ designs, pretty simple though, red will go to the hot wire and the black will go to the brake light wire, is your's a hydro-switch or mechanical?

Can you guys back up a little? I want to, as easily as possible, install a brake switch on my 07 WR450 - no stator work if possible. I am a mechanical dork, so simple is best!

Is there a source?



for the easiest setup .it goes like this : from the battery to a fuse from the fuse to the brake light switch from the brakelight switch to the unused led in the plug of your stock brake light. It is very simple

It is possible with some wiring and the addition of a brake switch to have the 08 WR rear light also function as a brake light.

The first step is to install a brake switch. My preference is for a hydralic switch that replaces the banjo bolt on the rear master cylinder.

Step Two - If you check the manual's wiring diagram (page 7-1) you will see at the rear light assembly there is a lead that is not used that bypasses the first resistor. This is the YELLOW lead from the light to the connector and there is no lead connected to the other side. :thumbsup:

I ran a lead from this wire to the brake switch and then ran a return line that I tapped into the positive (GREY) lead feeding the rear light. I have used connectors at the brake switch to allow me to remove the subframe without having to cut the wires and used heat shrink to keep everything waterproof. :thumbsup:

When I hit the rear brake, VOILA, I have a brake light. :thumbsup:

Do not attempt this mod if you are electron challenged :thumbsup:

I had just posted this yesterday in answer to another thread about brake lights.

I finally got the time to install it works awsome I spliced into the grey wire then hooked up the yellow wire thanks for the help

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