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Calling all pipe manufactures!!!!!!

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Okay, here's the problem... We need quieter pipes period. People on this chat are about to come to cyber blows over the issues here. The middle ground is basically that the four stokes make noise, and that noise is a political and real problem for most of us. So, in my not-so-vast knowledge, nobody (FMF has made a feeble attempt IMHO) has made a pipe that is a compromise between YZ power and WR sound levels. Who's going to step up to the plate. I'd love to see DR.D be the first because he supports this board. Someone has to make an option here, and I'd like to challenge them to shoot low (on the db scale that is). Lets see some choices for 90 to 94 db pipes so some of us can ride again without driving miles and miles into the boonies.

Anyone, Anyone?

Glen T

P.S. Would someone please make me an offer on my WB E-series so that when a quiet (high-quality) pipe is offered I'll have a 20 spot or so in the bank for the occation to purchase said pipe?

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Its time the OEM's stand up to the plate

it is time for the riding public as FedEx states take a stand.

Outside of that I have no further comment becouse I dont know where I stand on this issue.

Devels Advocate

I hate noise


Cant we all just get along.

Or maybe my stand is simple,

Noise is a Guy thing and beouse of that our judgement is jaded on the real issues

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Got an email from Bob at Thunder Alley today. He will possibly be sending a pipe out to Thump, over at DRN for a test and a review. He has been working hard on making the pipe quieter and thinks he might have a fix. He will send one of these new pipes. The problem with this new Standard. They did not give a clear procedure for testing a pipe. Example, A bike with a TA went to Hollister and it tested at 98db's, he went to another place and it tested out at 105db's. Until we get the test proceedure standardized, we will have problems from different riding areas.

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This is one of the main issues in Calif. However the enforcemnt has only been volenteer testing, and in some places just ignored.

Hollister has been volenteer for almost 6 months and they do not stop you from riding if you fail.

However all equipement is in place I am told (Standard The same) in all Calif OHV run parks. Testing has been standardized also from what I am told. This will be enforced starting Jan 1st, However in Hollister they will give you a grace period, if you test bad on day they will let you ride, if you sho up another you are not being allowed to.

I think it stinks but is fair, this will get those bums that have blown packing out of the system.

I also believe that packing is a maint item atleast every few months.

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I don't know if they will ever get it straight.At Hollister i've tested 3 times at 97db or lower.Went to do an enduro thinkin i was well below the 101db limit and what do i test at nothing less than 103db. :confused:Of course they tell me 426's never pass that i was lying about my previous tests.When i told the ranger i was on a yz450 they just said that state doesn't know what they are doing.They retest this time i am down to 101.2 i don't know how this can be enforced if they are able to be off 2dbs with no change in testing procedures that i saw.

I will be retesting down at hollister to see who was wrong.Another 97db test and i'll have to think the blm was wrong.

Anywho I was talking to gina ay DR.D and she said they hope to ahave a quiet pipe out soon and i'm sure others will follow suit.

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What a coincidence (spelling?)... I just got an e-mail from Gina Dubach (in response to my inquiry on a way to quite down my Dr. D). Gina said they were working on a solution and to check back in a couple weeks.....Hopefully it will happen (because I aint given up this pipe!!!!)


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This is what needs to happen. The OEMs must make them quieter to start with. Then the local tracks, riding areas, and sanctioning bodies need to adhere to some noise standards and not let you ride or race if your bike does not pass. The heck with the numbers, if a bike sounds too loud, then it is too loud regardless of what the db reading is. So what if we all have to take a 5HP hit across the board and also add 5lbs of muffler. It will be the same for everyone. Gee, a YZ450F makes 59 hp at the crank. Can't we make do with 54? Then the battle will be on amongst the the aftermarkets to build a unit that makes more hp without making it louder.

Tracks and riding areas are being surrounded by civilization and are being shut down. Just because the track may have been there first doesn't mean squat. This country has seen airports shut down because of noise.

The whole thing just amazes me. The manufacturers sell bikes to make money. Aftermarket companies sell pipes to make money. They both make products that are loud and annoy people. Annoyed people shut down riding areas. No riding areas equals less bike sales, less bike sales equals less aftermarket pipe sales. In the end we all have nothing.

I think the aftermarkets are starting to head in the right direction, but I hope it's not too little too late.

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It is unfortunate that we are being manuevered into this "quiet vs. loud" corner. I am undecided of where I stand on the issue, as is E.G.O. I get ticked off at people pointing fingers and noses at our sport and then manipulating the legal system to enforce there whims :D. On the other hand, I KNOW many of our bikes are pretty freakin' dirt roostin', ass-haulin' loud 🙂. My own ears tell me this!

I sense the awesome pipe manufacturers (TA, Dr.D, FMF, P.C., White, Yosh...) are in their R&D departments addressing the issue on this thread.

For those cringing for a new pipe (like me :D), I offer, and suggest, to wait until a true attempt at this issue is available retail from our favorite pipe manufacturers. Once I can get one, I (we) will promptly review it and post results/opinions all over this site.

There has to be way to keep the bikes roostin' just as good but not so L O U D. Let's inform the companies of our needs---Ha! I could my wife on this one!---

How is a petition/opinion poll started to relay our thoughts?????????????

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Irony?? In Pro DT several years ago, some of the California tracks mandated the use of a "boom box" added to the exhaust of the 750s. It added up to 2 HP!! For awhile tuners started using them everywhere, but because of the size and weight, they discontinued using them. The west coast 600s also use an oversize, 6" vs 4" silencer which dramatically reduces the sound. It also adds about 1 HP!

Besides whatever reason the tuners have decided not to run them everywhere, the fans had a big influence. They want to hear the bikes!

Whether it is monster trucks, NHRA, or the Rolling Thunder show, the fans and the neighbors view this differently. I guess that because I require my rider/daughter to wear earplugs while on the track, means that I think loud isn't always good.

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There are a variety of factors that affect the (primarily exhaust) noise of a dirt bike. When the SAEJ1287 standard was conceived and applied in field use a lot of those factors were acknowledged and tolerances allowed for enforcement situations, as in +/- dBA amounts on your particular reading on a particular occasion. 97 vs 102 from the same bike suggests some basic error vs a 2 or 3 dB tolerance in the field. Personal bias may be at play too. Maybe the one guy wants you to pass and the other guy wants you to fail, they read the dB's lo/hi and rev the motor a bit lo/hi respectively. An error in rpm will cause a substantial reading difference. If you can see the instruments in operation each time you could verify if the testing is done correctly. It's a pretty new thing for a lot of people and the odds are some testers are doing it incorrectly without knowing so.

I would like to mod a stock 426 pipe to keep it's low weight and head for a WR'S dB reading. One day when time allows. The only remainng drawback with that approach is the requirement to continually repack it vs the non-packing designs like a stock WR pipe.

In passing, did you hear the news about the Who's deaf musician? Bit of a statement there by good old reality example. It's the old tough-deaf-guy who is not bothered by the loudness story. Gotta admit I really liked their music, pity he won't be making any more.

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Im tired of being lumped into the same bin as an uncorked harley.

Our properly muffled dirtbikes arent too loud. They never have been.

Now some jackhole decides that because they have heard that dirtbikes are loud too, they need to dive into my wallet again.

A properly funtioning muffler is enough. BOX STOCK. We dont need some kind of super mufflers.

Granted there are a lot of clapped out Piles of you know what running around out there, but for the most part that isnt the case.

The idea of 92 or 96Db is ridiculous. 102 is fine. Its not a freakin concert, ya dont stand there and listen to the sound for hours on end, unless your at a race. If a rider has a bike that is louder than he likes, it should be his perogitive to muffle it to his liking.

My bike isnt loud. Your bike might be. Its a matter of personal taste.

The people that want to regulate this are the same idiots that want disclosures at McDonalds to warn you of future fatness if you eat too much.

I cant take this crap much more.

To enable and agree with the sound nazi's is to perpetuate the problem.

Stalin and Marx would be proud.

Hitler would be disappointed in all but the Earth first crowd, at least they kill people that dont agree with them. Lots of people dont agree with my point of view, yet I dont seem to rush off to court to shove my veiws down anyones throats. I guess that just makes me a better person, or a victim by nature of compliance?

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I went riding today at Hollister. Way out back, I could hear a thumper coming at me for about 10-15 minutes. Only when he started getting real close I could hear the 2stroke with him. He was riding a CRF doing about 104db. If I could hear him from that distance, so could all the residents who live in San Juan Canyon next to the park. To you guys who like 'em loud and bitch about the regulations, face it, it's over and done in California - put your efforts into doing something productive. Since I can remember, a local track at Bolado Park has been home to many a short-track event. About 8 years ago just one or two neighbors sued because of excessive noise. No more short track events since. Is that what we want everywhere? Call a pipe manufacturer and let them know what we need.

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I fish at San Justo alot, I hear only thumpers in the hills. San Justo is on the far side of The hills but you can see trails. I would say it is a good 5 miles crow flight to the hills. 5 miles is a long ways off and the Thumpers are heard.

What does that mean, It dont bother me, but I would suspect it bothers some of the liberal misfits and general public bike haters.

I have heard people on the lake on boats trolling, look up and ask wht the hellis that noise.

Why do I post this, I agree with sputter. At one time I did not, Hollister was 15 miles out side of town. now there are houses all around the area.

Like it or not, the times they is a changin.

I dont see what the fuss is on noise, maybe its becouse I would much rather ride then worry if my bike is running at 102db.

Here is an opinion. At the hills you do not just have one single bike running at 96 or 107, you have at least a few hundred on a good day. Its combined noise

In a race its the same thing, you get 15 - 30 riders barroling down a trail or a track its load alot loader then 101 db.

To me sound is not worth a fight. Giving up land is and if it means i have to comply / comprimise then I will do it.

I hate the legislation of noise, I hate the fact that everyone is forced into a sound war, I hate the fact that we bicker amongst ourselves over something to me is a stupid argument.

To Me this sound thing is a joke on both sides. Its a joke on the green side mainly becouse they have no facts, they encrouch on our sport and try to further there agenda with no other agenda but socialism.

For us many of us the sound thing is a penis thing. More Sound Grunt Grunt Grunt

Yes and Balado is / was one great track. Becouse of one person who bought a large farm next to it, then got the others involved, shut it down. They are also complining now of the county fair and the noise it brings once a year.

I am going to get a pipe for all the screaming kids at the fair, I will make millions

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As far as quiet pipes are concerned, I have heard of a pipe manufacturer from Europe that makes quieter pipes due to FIM regulations (more stringent than US standards). Of course I can't remember the name of the company, but I believe that it starts with an A? I found the article in a MX Action mag from about a year and a half ago. If any one is interested i could try and find the mag and get the name.

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