2001 426 Spark Plug

Does anyone know of a good trick to remove a spark plug on a 01 YZ426? Do you have to take the seat and tank off everytime you want to change the spark plug. Even then the spark plug is difficult to remove due to the plug bing so far down in the cyclinder

You don't have to u can just sorta lean it to the side but usally u just take it off because less chance of ripping of the fuel line if the gas tank happens to fall.

And these tools are what i find to be the best way to git to the spark plug.



and a spark plug socket thats the right size for your spark plug.

And what you do is you attach the universal joint to the spark plug then put that done in the hole then connect the 3in extension bar to the joint and there you go hope this helped :thumbsup: pm if you have any problems

I just use the tool that came with the bike - well, I ordered it since my bike didn't come with it - Used.

I have used a universal and 3" ext. but it requires more space

thanks guys

So are you able to take the plug out without taking the seat and tank off? Getting the wire off the plug is a beach with the tank on

The Motion Pro plug socket set is a well made tool for the job. It's handy as a trail tool because the extension can be driven by a 1/4" ratchet, a 14mm wrench, or a T-bar/Philips screwdriver. The boot inside the socket is a good enough fit to the plug to hold it, but not so snug that it pulls the socket off the extension, either.

Note the end of the extension is of the "wobble" type.

Pulling the tank is really the only good approach to this. But if you have to pull a spark plug more than once a year or so, there's something wrong.

You have to take the seat and the tank off, or put the tank on a stool or do what I do and have your kid hold the tank while you change the plug. The best spark plug tool I have found thus far is a $2.99 T handle spark plug wrench from checkers auto. It has the T handle and the socket swivels so you can get in the hole and it works perfectly. Couldnt even tell you the last time I used the stock plug wrench or the motion pro I bought.

I dont remember what size the 426 or my 450 use so hers both:



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