Will my stock chain fit with new rear sprocket?

I am going to get a renthal rear sprocket. I am going to go with a 52 tooth so I will have more torque in third gear. Can I fit this? I am trying to figure out if I have to get a new chain. This is a newer 07 wr450. I am not worried about the wear, since I don't have any, just if the chain fits at stock length. Let me know so I can order one. Thanks

Depends how much you've strecthed out your stock chain. I fit a 52 tooth no prob on my 07 but my chain is getting near the end of it's life.

I have had to slide the rear wheel back two times. I have had the bike about 8 months. Not sure how many miles I have ridden. I have never had to do this just wasn't sure. Thanks

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