pismo preparation

do any of you guys ride 450s at pismo?

i had a 2moker before but am trying to set my bike up for some sand usage. so far i rejetted and took the AIS system out. i just got a paddle tire and am having mounted thursday

im looking at buying a fuel air screw and im curious if im gunna have to go through the same trouble moving the carb around or taking it off as i did when i rejetted to get the screw on. is there some kind of tool i can get?

do i need a skidplate for pismo? the plastic one i had cracked a little but i mean theres no fatty rocks to run into liekj there is at gorman or calcity...

im also getting a new battery since mine keeps dieing out...

is there anything i else i left out?

any opinionns are welcome...

Run the chain on the very loose end of the specs and spray the bike down with WD-40 so you avoid any rust problems with the salt.

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