YZ426 range

What kind of range can be expected on a 2001 YZ426? I just picked one up from a friend and would like to do more trail riding then track. I know there are some changes I need to make to adapt it for my use but I didn't want to switch tanks out. So on the stock tank how far can you go before reserve?

first thing is the YZ does not have a reserve. I have a 2000 yz426 and I can get about 50 miles on a tank while trail riding. I put a 3.7? clark on mine and it seems to go forever.

I changed to a 3.3 gallon Clarke tank. Not only did it improve my range but it improved the center of gravity and handling of the bike. The size is almost unnoticable by the rider. I go over a hundred miles without even worrying to fill up.

MOSSLAGER, I think I got somewhere in the 55 mile range on my old 426 with a stock tank once. I would say if you plan on longer than 40-45 mile loops then either pack gas or get a larger tank. I was told you could go 60 miles on a tank if you babied the throttle the whole time- I never had that much self control :thumbsup:

looks like I am borderline. There are two loops I do in my Rhino I'd like to take the bike on and both are 40 mile loops.

You should be able to make 40 miles on a stock tank. Pack a little gas just in case :thumbsup:

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