I'm Dying Here!

Could this forum be any more boring?!!! Man, we gotta juice it up a little. These bikes (The Almighty BRP) are awesome, stone reliable and killer desert sleds. Where is the love? The passion? Handling through whoops?!! Just gas it and hang on. If you get out of shape, just tap your rear brake and gas it some more! Jump it? Whats the problem? Afraid your gonna dent the earth or somthing? I'm reading all the other forums just to get feed back. I'm falling asleep on this one.

Come on guys...Stir It Up! :)

Ah dude, like I think you're right man!! Like, enough of the stuffiness in here! No, but seriously man, What is that CR500 like to ride?? I have never ridden one and I daydream of riding one of those monsters. In fact, I search cycle trader and ebay every day to see if I can find one. Oh man I bet it's like a full body orgasm or something, I mean damn I like those, but I have never ridden one! I've ridden a YZ250 once, and it was too slow and not very impressive. It had a "HIT" but please! Twas nuthin! So I have a 650R with aftermarket headers and stuff, and it's ok, but once you get used to the power, then you want more, and there is no "hit" like I heard the CR500 has..I want some "HIT" buddy! And I don't mean that little girl stuff like the 250's have. PUH-LEEZ !!!!! I nailed that YZ250 and it bogged down until the "correct type r.p.m." was aquired. At said point, Bike delivered a minor and short-lived "HIT" which was quite boring and not very exciting. IF the bike can't AT LEAST make an attempt at ripping me off of it, then I see no reason to bother.


That must have been an old yz250 for you to describe it as slow. I own an HRC piston & cam kitted brp and a 2001

kx250. When I take the kx on the same loops as I usually

take my brp, I am much faster. This is due to the kx

superior weight,handling and braking. By handling I mean

the brp's front is much more likely to wash out on grass,

mud and even rocky fire roads. By braking, well I'm sure

you know what I mean. That said, I know which one

I intend keeping for years to come. ( it's not green ).

cheers, Craig

I agree one point - this forum is slow! But I do not agree with the BRP being a desert sled,(only). This bike is great in the woods, just needing to be set up properly. That is half the fun of riding this beast, riders freak when this bike goes by them in the tight stuff. The boys in the woods get big eyes when "Betty" shows up.

I'm with Dutch! The BRP is awesome in many ways. Yes it's a handfull in it's stock form, but there are endless ways to modify it. And I have done most of them. I was an addicted CR50h guy. Had three of them, '85, '89 and '91. They were just arm jerkin monsters and I loved them all. Add some flywheel weight, tweak the forks and viola! Woods Weapon Galore! I'd like to pick up a good used one, or maybe go for the whole enchilada and get a Service Honda 500 in the aluminum perimeter frame. But $8500 is a big chunk of dinero's. Hell I have about that much into my BRP!

The pig makes great power uncorked. Once the suspension is dialed in the package becomes more complete. I had mine completetly resprung and revalved. A world of difference. That plus a steering stabilizer make is a the perfect all around playbike. Heck I can ride it Church in the morning and not offend anyone, then rip 80mph fire roads in the afternoon. The tight twisty's are still a handful but as soon as the Autoclutch comes out (anxiously waiting!!!) it'll be more singletrack friendly.

I loved the article in Dirtbike where they said the BRP lost 1/10 of a second on the Motocross section in the 24 hours at Glen Helen then gained a whole second in the open sections. :D Nothin better than coming up on guys riding their KTM's, WR's and other motocross bikes in the woods. They think, hey lets smoke this old dude on the barge! Well the look on their faces when you blow by at the speed of light - BRRAAAAAAP - is priceless!!! :)

Long live the KING!!!!!

Too bad it's snowing in Michigan. The BRP is tucked into bed for the winter. It's winter sibling is ready to pick up the slack. Can we say Polaris XC700SP!!!!!!!!!!! All the way baby!


Happy Holiday's guys.



Smash! Yeah Baby, that's what I'm talking' about! Thank you for asking about my CR500R. It's stone stock. It is a great bike. As for the hit, you need to have traction. Most of my riding these days (My 2nd Incarnation. Call me Rockett Van Winkle!) is done out the desert. This bike pumps out mondo horse power right at the crack of the throttle so if you try to really wick it you don't really go forward so much as you go sideways! I like to short shift it and let all the torque dig the tire in and then hang on 'cause you are launched. For fast desert riding (sand washes) it has some head shake. It IS a hoot to ride. Once my buddy got his CRF 450R, I really realized how superior the 4 stroke is for getting power to the ground. Even short shifting under power he would pull me like a red headed stepbike! Get this...my 13 year old son is riding it! He really likes it! He is riding with his head and showing excellent throttle control. We are not pushing the envelope in any way. That's the nice thing about the wide open spaces. You really can't have too much power as long as you respect it (both the power AND the bike). With that said, I have hardly ridden it since I got my Pig. The Pig fits me like a glove. I am 5'9" and weigh 170. I run my pig stock except for what you see here on the bottom. No stablizer, I have not touched the suspension. It seems like Bruce "O" and crew built this bike just for me! It rips and I love it!

Party On Wayne! :)

Hi Dutch & Danco,

Totally agree! There is an area down here by Alpine (Inland San Diego Mountains) called Lake Morena and it has very tight technical trails. Pig Good Here TOO, Keemosoby! UGH! (Smaltzy Tonto Impersonation), and yes I have had the pleasure of seeing some pretty interesting freak outs when I straiff on by!

Yeah Baby! BRRAAAAAAP!! :)

I ride tight, technical terrain all the time out here in Va. and W.Va. I'll be the first to admit it is not the perfect bike for tight single track. I like going on long rides though and the tight trails eventually open up, even out here in the east. If you were lucky enough to get in front of me in the tight sections you better put your head down and go because when it opens up just a little the pig is coming for you. There is no greater satisfaction than smoking someone on the latest wonder bike. The pig suits me just fine , thank you. :)

I've ridden some pretty nasty singletrack on my pig and I thought it was a blast. The rough stuff is a ball too. And yes, pigs can, and do on occassion fly (even if the earth shakes at the end of the flight).

Hey AzMtnThumper,

I hear those Uni stickers make your bike Haul Ass! :)

ROFLMAO!! That's what my boys think too! :D Hey...whatever works. :)

I ride the tight woods of central PA mostly, and have recently joined an enduro club. The BRP can more than hold its own with respect to fire roads, hill climps and general coal-region terrain. My first time out with the club, we did some tight single track with lots of rocks and woods (more deer path than trail!). The BRP struggled a little here in stock trim due to suspension settings, stock carb and gearing. Went back out with 13/49 gearing and a full revalve with much better results. Will have the new Quicksilver carb on shortly and suspect all the difference in the world. The greatest satisfaction in riding this enduro scene is still the dirt roads and the look of amazement at 4th gear wheelies. The BRP is a very very rare bike to have in the NE, almost a novelty!


VIVA Le Differance! :)

Tear 'em up RRider!

Attention pumper owners - I am seriously thinking about the Edelbrock pumper as my leg almost fell off kicking the b#tch after a slight tip over in the sand last weekend. Question for the pumper owners - is there more responsiveness/power with the pumper? Hey Rokatt - get back to work. Looks like rain this weekend - any grease riding in mind?

Hey Thump,

I dont own a pumper yet, but I learned this passed weekend, that after a slight tip over, turn the gas off as soon as possible, kick it over full throttle about 5-6 times to clear out the fuel, then turn the gas on and it should kick over like normal. I was riding in the Truckhaven Hills area and stopped to help a couple and their Suzuki Samuri(they were about to tip over), I looked back and my bike was laying down taking a nap on the rocky trail. I ran over and turned the gas off, stood it back up and went back to help. I also noticed that I broke a brake handle in the process :). My bike started like normal after I kicked it over a few times with the gas off. Just a little FYI.

MC ThumpDaddy!

I would have told you about the turning the gas off trick, but then I would have had to kill you! HA! :D I need to check the weather. It appears that the moutain range is blocking rain cloud access to Ocotillo. Gonna have der kiddies this weekend and may hafta do Final Christmas Maneuvering. Of course if it does rain out there!..... :D

Mmmmmmmmmm...Greasy Mud... :D

Keepin' it Juicy! Doh! Gotta get back to work! :D

Pumper Carb? What's next? Turbo Charging?!! NOS!!!? :)

As John Daily would say (with a slight buzz), GRIP IT AND RIP IT! :D

Happy Friday Everyone! :D

Question for the pumper owners - is there more responsiveness/power with the pumper?

Mucho difference in low end throttle response and a few more ponies in the low to mid range :). Top end is about the same. Flooding issues are 100% gone and you can lie the bike on its side with the engine running and crack the throttle as quick as you want without any blubbering thanks to an internal fuel cell. It's rare that my bike doesn't start on the very first kick whether my bike is cold, hot or has been dumped. Would I buy it again....YES :D

Merry Christmas to All Of My Thumper Brothers and their families. Here is to a Great New Year! :D

You didn't think I was going to let this thread die on the vine did you? :)

If you are ever in the Dallas area, look me up and I will let you ride my Revloc equipped KX500. If you have never straddled a 500 2 smoke, you are in for a real treat. With the Revloc, Scott's dampner, lugging ability of the 500 and its untouchable sprint abilities in the straights, it is one awesome woods weapon. Not bad at the track, either.

Hey Rokatt, this thread is starting to wither a little bit. Hell, my Powerstroke post has 30 replies and it has nothing to do with BRPs. Here, I'll give it a little boost, heh, heh. :)

So how was everyone else's X-mas? :D

There I was, up till one in the morning cleaning a slightly used XR50 for my 5-yr old daughter. Come morning it was the last present she got right after a box full of riding gear. :D The 50 was on the back patio and she was so excited she jumped right on it and promptly laid it over and got an owie. :D Not quite tall enough to reach the ground, oops! There it sat all day as she played in the house with Repunzel Barbie and every reputzel accessory know to man, including the gay-looking reputzel Ken doll with greased-back hair. I started thinking, "Hummmm, what if she doesn't ride it? Should I trick it out as a pit bike? Maybe the 80cc kit, some new shocks, and the seat/tank lift kit? Hmmm... maybe if I sell it, I could afford an e-start for the BRP or that hop up kit for the Powerstroke?" :D

So as darkness approached, I decide to fire up the little beast and park it in the garage. I did one loop in the back yard, started heading for the gate to the chain link fence, and out of the darkness came a crying 5-yr old girl. She grabbed my arm as I rode by and bamm! Into the fence post and on the ground. "That's my motorcycle! It's my turn! Don't take it away Daddy, noooooo!"

"But Honey, it's dark out and you don't even know how to ride a motorcycle."

Hmmmm, Guess it’s a keeper.

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