I'm Dying Here!

All Right FooBarr!

Very cool story. It's like "Chicken Soup For The Moto Soul"! She just proved she's a "Rider"! I'll tell ya. I get the biggest kick riding along with my daughter. She's a total natural. It took her all of a couple of minutes to master shifting on the XR100. When she first started on her 70, she just hopped on it and off she went! Every time I ride with my kids it's a "Kodak Moment"!

Yeah, I have to give you Prop's for your PowerStroke Thread! Totally holeshot me! They are the S**t aren't they?!

Thanks for keeping the thread alive and I want to wish you and your family a "Thumpin' New Year"! :)

Rokatt & the Missiles

Yes, my daughter informed me that I'm taking her riding this Saturday. Should be fun. I'll probably head to a local football field where it would be kinda soft when she wipes out. I just hope to make it to the bike fast enough so the gas doesn't spill and kill the grass. :)

I don't think the kid will be that difficult. It's the frau and the new four wheeler which will be hard. Seems that I can't tell my wife jack. I picked her up a used-frau-quad: an EX300. I just hope she figures out the clutch thingy. :D

Hey FooBarr,

Have fun this weekend. You know what they say about a family that rides together....they ride together, er sumpthin' like that!

I'll be doing the same all next week out at Lake Havasu! Yee Ha! Come on ThumpDaddy! Let's see ya out there too! :)

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