Yz250F or Yz450F

I cant decide what to do. I used to have a 04 yz450 and i loved it. I had to sell but am now looking to get another bike. I just rode my buddies 07 yz250F and it felt like it had almost as much power as my 04 450 am i insane or do I just not remmber. I ride both track and trails and am worried about climbing hills on the 250, i am six foot 180 pounds. Are the new 450's more powerfull than the 04, i dont want to much power but i also dont want to stall on a hill climb.

Any advice?

I had the same question a few months ago my friend talked me into a 08 yz 450f and have no regrets.

If I were to run tracks again quit 2 years ago,I would be on a 250F. I just do trails and just love the power factor.I really do not do anyhting tight,nice sweeping loams and I am happy with the 450. Rememeber this is just my opinion,serious fun get the 450 if you are really into the motor factor, dedicated to the tracks and some racing get the 250f. Again my opinion of what suits me. I am not saying a 450 does not belong on a track,but you may find out you are quicker on a 250F,DEPENDING ON COURSE. Night and day difference relating to power 250 vs 450 big difference.

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