Jagg oil coolers?

I was shopping for my WR when I saw this at Dennis Kirk. Anybody have any experience with these?


It states

"For each 20 F reduction in operating temperature, the life of oil doubles"

I don't think this is relevent on bikes that have the same oil that lubes the motor and clutch, the reason we have to change the oil so often on WR's etc is because of contamination, clutch fibres,metal shavings,dust etc not because of "oil breakdown" caused by heat.

I see that is for the steel frame wr with the oil in the frame. Where would you go about hooking up the line for the new style?

Obviously, it would need to be up front to get any air to it to make it useful. That would seem to narrow down the placement. Since I tend to ride slow single track, in front of the radiator is not an option. In fact I am building a fan kit as we speak for that reason. The kit will be based on a diamond plate bracket that I will fabricate this weekend (skeletonized of course). I am gonna mount two of the Spal fans on each side,along with a simple handlebar switch,or even a relay. I was thinking 180/200 would work? Any opinions on that?



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