06 or 08 Your opinion???

I wanted to your guys opinion. I have an 06 450. I have the chance to get an 08 for 5000.It has been raced a couple times. The guy was a factory yamaha mech. Is it worth to sell mine and get the 08 or just keep mine and wait for 2010? My bike is perfect cond. I'm selling for 4000. If any one was wondering. I don't know if anyone has asked this before. If so, sorry for the repost. I'm new to this.

speaking from my experience since I did this exact same thing last year...you will be super lucky to get 4K for your '06, which is now more or less a three year old bike. I sold my '06 last year around this time and it took awhile to sell and I ended up selling for under 4K and this was when the '06 was two years old. The bike was in great condition too.

Money part aside not knowing your skill level....if I was say a weekend warrior and just riding for fun and my current bike was in perfect shape, I would not do it and would wait for the 2010, which if you believe the rumors will be fuel injected and more then likely have some big other changes too.

good luck with your decision...just my thoughts...

I agree with DPW, bikes are not selling for what they should right now, and I dont think the changes from the 06 to 08 are worth the hit. Dont get me wrong, I like my 08, but I traded up from 01 426. My friend has an 06 and when he rode my 08 his comments were he likes the power of his 06 better, I think it has more of a hit as well. He has revalved suspension so his was automatically better then mine, I just have stiffer springs

Thanks brother

If it were me, I'd keep the 06.

I'll have to. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for your opinion. I just thought It would be good get rid of it before it got too old. It's so funny, I get soooo many replys from guys who want to send me checks. I tell them my whole family is in the Sheriff's Dept. For some reason I don't hear from again. To anyone tring to sell anything, they are all a scam..... Don't do it. Sorry for the tangent. I think I will keep my bike. Thanks for your thoughts......

Im looking at doing the same thing but for the 2009's...I still think that I might keep my 06' because I dont see that big of an advantage with the 09's compared to my 06'...:thumbsup:

I'll have two. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I edited your typo for ya gray :thumbsup:

If you are not racing all the time then stick with the '06...it is a good bike. I just bought a new '08 to replace my '06 mainly because my '06 had a ton of hours on it and also because I rode a buddy's '08 and realized that it would turn corners around my '06 that I had dialed in. Another reason was for contingency, although the Senior A class does not pay out enough to warrant a new bike every year it certainly can offset the cost. And there are good deals to be had on '08's now that the '09's are hitting the dealers.

I'd keep the 06 too :thumbsup:

wait 4-6mos and buy a 09 for what the 08 will cost.....or just keep the 06. I luv my 06:applause:

If you want a 5 speed go with the '08...I've rode an '07 and the power is really tamed compared to my 2003, but personally I'd just stay with the '06 until yamaha does some major changes with the 450

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