Which one's for me, WR400 orYZ426f

Hi people. My dilemna is this. I have been riding a 93 DR350,dirt. Its out dated so I am looking at a 2000 WR400 and YZ426f. both $5800 cdn. mint shape both. I need a do all bike, great on enduro courses and awesome on hill climbs. sometimes we ride for 2 hours sometimes 6 hours in the back country. Which one do most of you guys like. their is also a tricked out 2002 drz400 for sale for a $1000 more. does this bike compare

thanks Zoo

The WR is more of a trail bike than the YZF. The WR's gears have a Wider Ratio, lights, flywheel is heavier, has a stator, slight softer springs, 18" rear wheel, etc... The YZ is a track bike. Quicker reving, no spark arrestor on the stock pipe, lower gear ratios, etc... It depends on what you wanna do with it. If you trail ride most of the time then the WR is the way to go. Even if you do wanna ride it on the MX track once in a while. The bike started as a YZ and was adapted for trail riding. Still has some of that "race bike" in it. It rips.

The DRZ is a good bike too, for trails. This bike is sprung pretty soft and very comfortable to ride, if your not too tall. It has a simular engine/carb design and sometimes performs simularly to the WR. The problems I've seen with the DRZ is that its too compact. I'm 6'3 and it just feels like the handlebars are too close to my lap, even with high bend bars as far forward as possible. The suspension is really coosh too. Too coosh! It doesn't like high speed stuff, especially whoops. Must have a damper due to alot of head-shake once your 1/2 way through 3rd gear of faster. I never have headshake on my WR. But it'll rail a little better in the really tight stuff. Turns on a dime and the front end is just as light as the WR too. Don't wanna take this on a track though. The suspension is just too soft & the bike is just too heavy for track play. Over 270lbs full of gas. You'll have a lot of work to do to the suspension if you ride aggressively at all. If your a sit down and cruise kinda rider, it's probably better for you than the WR. The WR likes being riden aggressively & rewards you for doing that. If you sit down and cruise alot, it'll beat ya up. The DRZ will reward the more casual rider more and tend to beat you up if you push it too hard. The engine will actually do really well on climbs. Maybe better than the WR. THe WR likes to rev & if you know how to cluch it, it'll climb well too. Probably be better if you add a flywheel weight. The DRZ lugs a little better and has a tad bit more grunt down low. This allows it to climb very well. Just can't keep up the the WR anywhere else.

Hope that helps you,

The WR is more versatile and has better range for those long rides. It is easier to get street plated if that is a factor.

$5800 is too much for a 3 year old bike. There are brand new WR 250's available around here in the low-mid $6k range. You should be able to get a nice used 400 or 426 for less than $5k considering the time of year and the fact that the 2003's are completely new.


I got a super deal on a YZ, but really wanted a WR. I have been slowly changing it to a WR without lights & smaller tank. Suspension is slated for this winter. The stock YZ wasn't bad in the woods, but as it gets closer to being a WR it is a LOT nicer.

If you ride mostly trails & enduro stuff save yourself time & money - go for the WR. Wish I would have!

thats funny, i got a wr and have slowly converted it to a yz. i got the wr because it was the last 2000 400 before the 426 came out and i worked at the dealership. i got it so cheap i had to.


I went to a WR from a DR350 too.

Sounds like you need to do the same thing. The WR is a step beyond the DR. Unless you race MX competitively get the WR. It does it all well - MX/Enduro/even street.

The YZ is a moto machine for the track if you're a real MX racer, get on. I'm not. I just "play" moto so the WR is fine for me. It is a little heavy for MX though.

The DR400 is a great bike, like a sooped-up 350. But keep it off the MX track. It wasn't made for that.

Good Luck

new 02 drz400's are going for $4200US. used ones even less so it seems your sellers are asking a little much. My DRZ is superb on the trails. Haven't done mx but I don't think it would do well-too heavy. E-start is very nice to have.

I'm going from a 97 dr350 with the bigbore 435 kit in it,fmf megamax exhaust,acerbis aluminum hand guards,maier mx rear fender ,vortex airbox,14-47 gearing ,needless to say that bike rips but it's too heavy to race or jump with and the suspension is way too soft even though i way 175. now i'm trading her in for a WR450F .which is lighter (hopefuly) has better suspension (deffinitly) is more race bike like for those occasions you get the 2 smokers wanting to see what you have ,only 3 problems i see with the wr is it's seat is 3" higher (i'm only 5'10),it's a first year bike , (who knows what kind of problems if any it will have)and its release date keeps getting farther and farther away!! i do mainly trails and hill climbing and the dr was great at hill climbing but was a little to heavy for tight trails.

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