03 head on a 04 wr 450?

Anyone know if an 03 yzf 450 head will fit on a 04 wr 450??? Found one on the cheap. The part numbers are 5TA1102-10-00 for the 04 but the 03 head is 5TA1102-00-00.

Not sure if the one digit means it wont fit.


I just noticed that the 03 wr part number is the same for the 03 YZF and the 04 wr and 04 yzf part number is the same so I guess I just need to know if a 03 wr head will fit on an 04 motor?


Yes it will fit. If it has cams in it the exhaust cam will be different but the intake cam is the same. You may or may not want to keep the YZ cam depending on the type of riding you do. I have the YZ cam in my desert bike and the WR in my dual sported WR.

Thanks for the reply. Any idea what the difference would be? I see the part numbers have changed from 03 to 04. Also, have you actually put an 03 head on an 04?

The head will absolutely fit. There were very small changes to the combustion chamber and intake ports in '04, but nothing that would require any further modification or adjustment.

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