Magura Jack hydraulic clutch wr450 2006

I just purchased this hydraulic clutch for my 2006 wr450. It came with some baged parts with no information as to whay they are for and I feel the directions Suck!. It is also supposed to be set up for the clutch / bike in gear safety switch thing, however it will not accept the stock switch!! Does any one have any information , tips ?? Thanks

I have a Magura on my '04 450. The directions are pretty vague and the perch will not accept the stock sensor. Once you get used to is great. I will never go back to a cable clutch. Route the line the same as the stock clutch cable, paying careful attention to keep it at least an inch from the exhaust pipe (I let mine get too close and it melted through the line). A properly placed zip tie will suffice.

l just got the same clutch for my wr 450 06 model and there wasn't any instructions at all:banghead: , l was wondering if anybody could please post some pictures up on how they connected the rod of the slave cylinder to the clutch arm .



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