I just picked up an M12 for my bike but it is a 130/80-18. Will it fit properly? I got a great deal on it so I'm hoping to use it.



I have a Michilen 130/80-18 on my '98 WR400. I would have to say it would have to fit if you have a 18 inch rim.

Just fitted one last night, fits great.

I put a michelin s12 140/80/18 on my 00wr it's the same size that most open 2 stroke's run it's wider and hook's up better than the smaller tire and it doesn't pull the motor down any.the bike has plenty of power to run the bigger tire,with the smaller tire on it would break traction and spin much to easily.

S12 140/80 is a great tire. Everyone of my riding buddies uses this tire :)

Thanks for all the info guys, I'm going to throw it on right now!!!

I third the S12 140/18's! They rock!

S12 is great if you dont mind fitting a new one every 2-3 rides

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