wr400f hesitates help needed

okay guys i have a 1998 wr400f my bike just always hesitates in the low rmps and it happens in every gear. if anybody has any suggestions cn you please help?

Carb - set your pilot fuel mixture as per instructions - search for this.

If that doesn't do it, remove it - remove everything (including AP diaphram and pushrod) except the TPS and clean it thoroughly, put it back in and test it.

If it still hesitates, turn in your AP timing screw a tiny little bit (1/8th of a turn) and that may fix it - did for me.

When it's out - check for a chip in the slide plate, first gen FCR's are known for that

Document all settings and changes before disassembly and during so you can get back to where it all was.

ok thanks ill give that a shot

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