YZ426 in the dunes on a knobby

Hey guys, I'm heading to Pismo for a few days and am taking my Rhino, quad on paddles and I want to take my 426. I don't want to go and buy a paddle and change it though. Will I be okay to cruise around on my knobby?

I ride dune all the time on a knobby. Just let the rear tyre pressure down to 8 psi and you should do fine. I also suggest you let the front tyre pressure down to 12-15 psi.

Have fun.

If it's a fresh tire you should have a blast! I went up there with a fresh Dunlop 756 and I had more fun with that tire than with a paddle. Obviously you can't start as fast or drag race someone as well, but railing around berms and turning is so much better with a knobby.

thanx guys... save me a headache I was wondering about

Your fine. Ive ridden there on both and didnt mind the knobs at all. No paddels are allowed in the WORCS race and those guys were flying. And dont forget to go to the boat shop and get the anti-salt spray, you'll need it.

I never run paddles in the dunes because they're surrounded by desert that I couldn't ride if I had one.

Which knobby you run does make a difference though. D952's work well, Maxxis IT's work well, 756's don't, oddly enough.

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