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carb probs

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I am working on a 4-stroke honda trx 250. It sat for a couple years, I cleaned out the carb and it ran as long as the choke was half open. I figured it just needed to be run to clean it out. Then I took it to the power wash with all of fenders off to clean it up. When I got it back home and started it, it will still run with the choke on, but if I try to rev the engine at all, it stalls out and/or spits and backfires. I took the carb off and recleaned it, but that didnt help any. Any suggestions?

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Make sure you pull all of the o-rings. Soaking in carb cleaner will dissolve them.

Another option is:

Drain the float bowl.

Pull the pilot and main jets. Clean them up.

(You need to pull the float bowl, so you can see if there is any sludge in the bottom.

Put in fresh gas with a carb cleaner additive.

Run the engine.

My friend who leaves his motorcycles/ATVs sitting for 6 months at a time swears carb cleaner gas additive works great.

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