YZ426 light kit

Hey guys, I want to put a 8" light on my YZ426 and can't find a complete kit out there. I checked Baja Designs and E-line. I can find kits for the 450's but nothing for the 426... but I know there something out there because I have seen many of these bikes set up the way I want to do mine. What are you all doing?

You can use the stator, flywheel, and CDI unit from the same year WR to get the lighting power. Once you have the output you could run a 100wt halogen or a single HID (if you want to spend the money!).

Don't I need a battery to run an HID... I was told the HID won't run off a stator only. I can't see where you can fit a battery on the YZ.

It won't run off of AC, but that means you need a rectifier, not a battery. You need a rectifier to run with a battery anyway.

The battery doesn't have to be very big. Baja Designs uses a small 700ma nicad battery with their HID lights. If you do a lot of tight trail riding you may want to use a slightly larger battery so it won't discharge quickly when you're in low RPMs.

They do not make them for the 426 anymore. There is one on the classifieds on TT. I scored my e-line 200 watt on Ebay. You do need a dc rectifier to run HID and a little battery. The NiCad is a good compact choice. The WR stuff does OK, but if you can score the e-line external mag, that is a better way to go. Good luck.

Can the E-Line 100 watt external stator be rewound for more output, or will it be sufficient as is to run a single 8" Baja Designs Halogen?

Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

The eline external has 2 100w output wires. They are actually 90w and 90w or 180w if you use just one of the yellow output wires. I am not aware of any external 100 watt single. I have only seen the 200w. 100w should run the halogen. Good luck!

Thanks for the info crazyal, I have decided to go with the WR stator. The guy with the E-line on TT classified does not respond, nor does the guy parting out a WR? I truly appreciate the helpful info.

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