What do you guys think abou this YZF?

Hey guys! I was looking for a 06' YZ450F and I found this one. What do you guys think about it? To me, it seems that he used it a lot...and didn´t really care about the bike...but, I really want to know your opinion! I´m not telling you the price because I live in Brazil, and the prices here are VERY different. Very Thanks


well, you're right. it doesn't seem like the owner took good care of it. It looks dirty and it seems to have several parts covered in rust, the chain, linkage bolts, and other stuff. Beyond the cosmetic aspect, you should find out how the engine was maintained and what condition it's in. If he took care of the engine as he took care of the rest of the bike, I'd stay away from that bike. Specially if the bike is expensive, you're better off finding a different bike.

Yeah....Rust everywhere:eek: ....Stay Away!

I would be willing to bet that the swingarm bolt will not come out on that.:thumbsup:

Been There Done That:thumbsdn:

If it was cheap you could replace all the rusted bolts , bearings, and races for not too much money:excuseme:

Thanks for answering...I guess I´m going to stay away from it...my KXF is sooo new yet...I was just thinking about getting a 450! But I´m sure I will find a better one!


Looks like this one has been close to salt water or in it.......way too much rust. Run away......:thumbsup:

I would be willing to bet that the swingarm bolt will not come out on that.

:thumbsup: :shudder: Makes me cringe to think of it on an aluminum frame.

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