Gotta Pea shooter?

Hey guys, I too am new to this site and to Yamaha. Just came home last night with a 2001 WR426f. I'm new to off road bikes (of the 2 wheel variety) and figure I'm gonna take it easy running around on the field roads and turn rows on the farm before I take to the trails! The "pea shooter" has been removed and for riding around here it's just too loud. I know I would probably take it out for serious trail riding but for what I want to do starting out I'd rather it be muffled more, where can I come up with one? Anyone got one laying around they would want to get rid of? From what I can tell baffle removal is the only mod that's been done, air box looks stock. From what little I rode it this morning it does seem to suffer from the dreaded off idle bog, but boy is she a handful! I can't imagine this thing if it were modded! Thanks for the help!

If you can't find one, I recommend getting a GYT-R insert. They are about 40 bucks. Much quieter than a completely uncorked exhaust and still plenty of power.

Thanks man! I did some checking into it and it looks like just what the doctor ordered. :thumbsup: Fixing to hunt down where to get one now...

Yeah, I did the GYTR insert and it works nice and is less expensive than a exhaust.

Thanks, that looks good too and is reasonably priced. I ordered the gytr insert the other day and am anxious to get it and try it out!

I'm sure my '07 is different, but I can't see how just removing the pea shooter would make the bike too loud. I've got a buddy with the GYT-R insert on his '03 and it's way louder than my '07 w/just a pea shooter removed. I would look to see whether the pipe has been gutted and/or needs to be repacked. Otherwise, I have a bone stock exhaust off a '98 you could have for the shipping $$.

Thanks, your offer is much appreciated but my gytr insert came in yesterday. I put it in and the bike is soooooo much quieter! I am very happy with the sound level now, not harsh and closer to stock noise level. I'm happy with it for sure, thanks for all the input and suggestions guys! :ride:

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