How many YZ/WR400's or 426's have been sold in USA?

I am curious as to how many of these beautiful thumpers are out there?

I saw a post stating we have 10,000 thumpertalkers and was curious as to how many haven't joined yet.

Anyone know how many sold per year since 1997?

Thanks for replys


a whole lot of them...........

and from the peanut gallery comes David with that profound enlightening statement....

"a whole lot of them......"

Way to go David......

Thanks for Playing.....

Bonzai :)

I feel the love today Bill........Ok I will play............I guess if we have 10,000 members on this site, there must be around 50,000 WR/YZF's out there...

Eric Gore told me that almost 40,000 yz-wr 400/426's were sold in the US.

Weld Pro -

That would mean you got your bike at 5500.00? 5500 X 40,000 = 220,000,000

Damn I got ripped off !

I suppose its all a matter of perception... ya know, how you look at things.

If there was only one WR426F in the world, how much would I have paid for it?

Ohhhhhh my :) - my heart stopped beating for a second.


That would be roughly $220,000,000 in bikes mmm...wish all that was mine!


Bill i knew your would say something like that.

Funny stuff

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