WR street legal in CA?

Here is mine.It's been plated for almost 4 years.I 'm always ready for the letter pulling my plate.


I have a 05wr and a 08wr plated here in Cal, you guys just need to go ride and have some fun.... Geeeezzz I'm still waiting for that letter......

I've seen quite a few street legal WR's in Oregon although I think the laws are getting tougher. I have a 2004 TTR 225 street legal.

dealer guy who I'm good friends with told me on there form there is some dot junk that needs to be filled our to get the plates, obviously wr doesn't meet that junk. I'll keep bugging them to see where I can get with this.

Meanwhile I found an 08 already plated with 850 miles, guy still has original knobies on it. I'm really cpnsidering it any advice? Can I loose the plate during the title transfer? Would I have issues with insurance? Anything I should pay attention to in order not to get screwed?

Would you mind passing on the dealers name and location. I'm in Florida but moving to Colorado, I hope I'll be able to get my o3 wr450 F tagged and street legal in Colo.

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