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Buying tips for X440s

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I'll be looking at an 02 this weekend, this is my first 'nice' dirtbike. Any tips on what updates I should be asking about and anything I should look at or ask about when meeting the seller would be appreciated.

Also, what do you think is a fair price range...great condition, new bodywork, h.guards, suspension reworked, clean looking, no damage, just the usual sticker and frame scuffs.

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First, go to cannondale.com and look up the service and technical bulletins. Ask which have been done. If not done, call local dealer and ask them if they can do it. If they are unknowledgeable or unfreindly, I would not buy the bike. Cannondales are great bikes, but they are cutting edge technology (at least for dirt bikes) and you will have much grief over little stuff if your local dealer support is not good.


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Unless you're gettin a rippin' deal on the S, I would look at a C, E, or X. They are much improved over the S. The 02 C, E, and X are the same bikes as the 03's, but with some minor graphics and suspension settings changes.

Good Luck,


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Thanks for the advice all, what's different from the X and S other than the induction design? I can't seem to find a spec matrix that's clear.

I'll probably buy the S tomorrow but wish it were an E or C, she's got all the updates according to the seller and there's a dealer in Austin that seems to be the business...we'll see, finger's crossed. Considering what I'll be paying for it, it's tough to pass on this S. Anyone work with Austin Sport Cycle on 620?

So it looks like I'll be hanging my hat here for a while, so manners first....first real dirtbike, getting tired of street riding and pulling people out of ditches and fences, but I'll keep roadracing with the CCS/CMRA. Getting dirty to stay in shape and daayyum, it's fun, who knew? 馃檪:D

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Here are some things I would do:

路 Read up on all the Technical & Service Bulletins on the Cannondale web site. Pay particular attention to the throttle cable routing and impeller bulletins.

路 Pull the plug and read it before any extensive riding i.e. check the overall mixture most of the Dales come rich and run a lot better when the mixture is adjusted right. If you have questions ask, you will get help.

路 Check the sprocket bolts on the rear hub they should not be hitting the spokes. If any are hitting grind the bolts down.

路 Change the tranny and engine oil. Be sure to use quality synthetic oils for both (see the manual).

路 Inspect the air cleaner for dirt and fit.

路 Be sure the battery is fully charged.

路 Be sure you understand the starting procedure.

Go for a ride!


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I've owned, ridden and raced my '02 X440s for 10 months now and I LOVE it. I have not had any major problems with it. I think it runs rich, like others have said. But I haven't done anything about it yet.

I have kept up with all the SB's and TB's. Two things have happened to it that I will repair this winter. The left fork is leaking oil, I'm having the entire suspension system rebuilt and revalved for my weight. The radiator leaks slowly. I'm gonna see if I can get it fixed. If not, I'll replace it with a '03 X440 radiator (bigger). I'm a novice racer and this bike has really helped me get up to speed quickly!

If you have any X440s related questions let me know.

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Thanks Midwest.

I've told some guys that I'm looking at a Cannondale that the responses ranged from polite silence to "...no, no, no, Mike, why would you do that.", hilarious. You'd think I was buying a used Peugeot? JapanCo has a headlock on some people I suppose.

Can't wait to go for ride and smile at a buddy who's usually kickin' his YZF til he's cross-eyed and panting and just push the green button and ride away.

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