MJ to big or clip position???

Jetting in my profile below was very good for open sagebruss and logging road. I had snap wheelies in almost every gear, but there was a definate Hit (rip your arms out of the socket)after about 1/4 throttle.

Now I want to tame it down for trail riding.

Went back to stock DTM#4 with everthing else the same as in profile. 3rd, 4th gear WOT bike starts out slow like it is down on power then as the RPM'S build it picks up with good steady acceleration.

Should I?

1. Lower or raise the needle and check.

2. Try a smaller or larger MJ.

I will be installing a PAJS and working on the PJ circuit (think its too lean, popping on decel, and PS has no effect)but think I should get the MJ close before I fool with the PilotJ circuit.

[ May 31, 2002: Message edited by: Mike from WA ]

I would think that, with all else remaining equal, switching from an E to a D taper would require a larger main jet.

So I would start with that.

Hope this helps.

I lowered my needle several positions and moved the hit from the rear of the throttle to a nice smooth application all the way through. Dunno if it will work for you, but it cant hurt to try. I still have the snap wheelies through third gear.


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