Air Filter Foam Where?

I posted here because I usually get great answers. I am working on a totally thrashed 96 KTM50SXR. It does not have an air filter, and I am having a hard time finding parts on line. The filter box is a full open top, bottom carb feed that is square except for the back. The back is cupped shaped to clear the shock. I was thinking of using filter foam and just building my own to stuff down after cutting to fit. So is there a bulk filter foam that comes in squares, who makes it, and where do I get it? Any help would be appreciated.

I've used fish pond foam media before in a homemade air cleaner . I had the stuff laying around . I'm not sure if can find a place that sells the stuff near you

I got some foam that worked for an old Montessa from a foam supply warehouse. They just gave me a big chunk for free :thumbsup:

Yes, I have admitted I am an idiot before. UNI and No Toil sell bulk air filter foam in blocks. Just ordered some UNI. Now just cut and fit. Try finding parts for a 12YOA KTM kids bike or getting them in a reasonable time if you can. Nothing like having to fabricate parts for a bike that should have piles of parts available. Now I know why I don't have one (Euro bike) no matter how easy they are to license. Thanks for the help.

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