Antifreeze Question

I actually have 2 questions. Last week when I kicked over the beast I noticed a couple drops of antifreeze on the ground. I cleaned the spot, removed the guard covering the water pump and the next day kicked it again. This time a drop came out of a hole on the bottom of the water pump housing. Is this normal? Ive never noticed it before.

My bikes sit a week at a time without starting. Is there a way I can prime the cylinder walls with oil before starting to cut down friction and wear? Thank God for TT. Thanks Everyone :):D :D

Sounds like your water pump seal may be going, the drips of AV weren't from the puke tube was it?? That's normal......

Don't worry about your bike sitting for a week or two at a time, shouldn't cause any problems. Last winter, my poor bike sat outside in the snow and cold for well over a month, never caused any problems when I went to fire her up again, just took a bit........

Dodger :):D

Wheres the puketube? Is it on the bottom of the water pump housing cover?

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