Best Carb Mod And Jetting For...

Hi , i am getting an 2008 yz450f next month and i did order an aftermarket

full exhaust system, i gave the dealer 3 choices whitebros ,dr.d or fmf..

does all of these have a possibility of the mega bomb header...

and what jetting changes have u done who lives in +30 celcius at sea level..after installed a pipe like that...i have several pilot jets and main jets (coming in mail) so i dount think i need the jd-jetting kit...and wich carb mod is best..power bowl (from r&d), powershot(scaryfastracing), zip-ty racing but i dount feel like sending my carb from thailand to america and wait for a month to get it back...and not be able to if power bowl as good so then it sounds like a good idea....:thumbsup:

White Bros is now Vance & Hines.....

FMF is powerbomb

I would look at DRD or Arapovic if it was mine

Regarding carb mod - get bike jetted first and ride it. Then determine what is needed.

On my 06, I am sold on the Zipty full carb mod with the R&D Powerbowl - they can sell this entirely....but you need to start talking to them to see if they will ship to Thailand

Thanks for details...i will look in to it...yep i will call zipty and ask about shipping over here . then i will be back with results....:thumbsup:

have ron hamp bore your carb, the yami carb is much smaller than honda and others, I gained low end and tons of over rev by having RHC do my carb.

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