03 - 04 crankshaft????

Any one here know the difference between the 03 and the 04 model crankshafts?

Just got one sent to me and its the wrong one!!!!:thumbsup:

Ordered the 2003 one but the one that showed up is nothing like what came out of my bike:eek:

The only difference is the diameter of the magneto end of the crank is larger on the '04. So if it is an '04 crank you'll need an '04 flywheel. Still they should look very similar so not sure what you have - YZF crank???

I ordered a crank through TT and had the wrong one sent to me also. Then i paid the shipping to send it back, as well as more fees to get the right one sent to me. I was supposed to have the extra $47 credited back to me, but it never happend. Not too happy!

The flywheel end of the crank is longer, and bigger in diameter on the '03. Hope you have better luck than me!

Yeah, I need the 03 WR450 crank but according to the info on the box its for the 04-05 WR450 or stroker crank for YFZ ATV!

The left yolk that takes the "starter clutch" and "rotor" is bigger diameter and the "rod" looks way chunkier:excuseme:

Its a "hot Rods" crank!

Just trying to work out what machine it actually fits so I can sell it locally "Australia"

I've ordered the OEM to do the job on my bike in the meantime, don't have time for the exchange thing.....

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