my 2000 wr 400 f needs help

hey guys! new here, my buddy has a 2000 wr 400 that he just bought used. hes looking for some perfromance upgrades. what do you all suggest? do they have any emission delete kits like the xr650s, or a hop upkit or anything comparable? thanks for the help fellas!

You should do a search for several topics. Not knowing what has been done, you'll have to check for these.

1. Grey wire

2. Throttle screw

3. Air box lid removal

4. Exaust baffel removal (stock)

5. YZ timing

6.Jetting (infamous!!)

Guys, what else?


Hey thanks! Its stock right now, and we know nuthin about these 400's. I have a xr650r (dont shoot me) and know a little about those but nuthin about the blue bikes. thanks for your help guys.

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