Brake light switch install

I have a K&S hydrolic brake light switch that I will be installing and wondering if anyone has any pictures of how/where they spliced the wires into the existing taillight wires/harness. I've read in other posts how to install, but would like some visual reassurance before I attempt this. My bike is an '08 wr450. Thanks in advance.

I don't have any photos but it is very simple. Cut YELLOW wire coming from the rear tail light at the connector located under the left side cover. Solder or crimp on a spade connector.

Take approx 3 foot length of 2 conductor #18 guage cable and solder or crimp on the corresponding spade connector to one of the leads and connect to the YELLOW lead. Strip back a short length of the hot lead coming from the bike (GREY I believe) just before the connector under the side cover. Pigtail the other lead of the of the new cable and solder and then tape up the connection.

Run the cable down to the brake switch and connect the two leads to the switch (polarity does not matter). Use spade connectors and heat shrink to make this connection to allow you to remove the subframe later without having to cut the wires. Use ty-raps (cable wraps) to tidy up the wiring.

Tools required - solder iron, solder, electrical tape, Heat Gun, heat shrink, side cutters, sharp knife / utility blade.

I am an retired electrical technologist and this took me less than 10 minutes. :thumbsup:


Where did you get the K&S hydrolic brake light switch? Also, did you use it on the rear or front brake? Thanks.

I want to do the same w/ my 2006 wr450

I just went to my yamaha dealers parts department, they had to order it but it only took a couple of days to get in. I put it on the rear break.

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