Fork Seals: OEM or other

I've read that some people have had bad luck with after market fork seals. I am thinking of ordering Race Tech dust seals and oil seals. Has anyone had bad luck with these? They are actually cheaper than if I bought OEM seals from my dealer.

Whick ones have you heard didnt work out so well?

I have been using the Leak-proof ProMoly (i think?) seals and they have been awesome!

With OEM I was changing about every 2-3 months. I havent had to change these since I installed them 8-9 months ago.

Dont know about Race Tech...

I don't remember which ones I heard wern't any good. Hopefully when I put my seal savers on I won't have to replace them again for a long time. Thanks for the tips.

I'll let you know how the K&S seals hold up - I just installed them on the right(odo side) fork tube. According to a post somewhere on here they are supposed to be from the same manufacturing line as the factory seals.


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