new radiator questions

hello all, this is my first post, i own a 99 wr400 , i bought it new in 1999, blah blah blah, ok so last weekend i dumped it at a place called silver lake and i destroyed the left radiator so my question(s) are as follows: does anyone know a alternative way to buying a new one or someplace that sells replacement rad.s at a price lower than 340 bucks, such a high price to pay for a simple washout.. any help would be apreciated .. thanks

keep your eyey on ebay. that is all i know

Try sending it to Myler's in Salt Lake City, UT. I had them fix mine a couple of years ago and they did an excellent job. They are VERY reasonable! Give them a call at 1-800-367-7699.

Yeah man, have it fixed. Scope the archives, many good places have been posted here that will fix a smashed radiator for very reasonable prices, search and you shall find.........

BTW, my smashed rad cost me $40 to have fixed.

Dodger :):D

IF you just have to have a new one, yamaha of troy has them for 210.00......

sweet, good leads guys, much apreciated..

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