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Short(er) Boots?

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Ok, the tech 8s are gettin a little old and I always wear my asterisks.... so I'm thinkin of getting them cut down (if I can find a cobbler) so they come up only as high as the bottom of the braces.

Of course the top buckle will have to me moved down.

I can't see any downsides. What am I missing? I can't see where the top few inches of boot give me any more protection than the bottom few inches of the braces.

The things allready leak, so water intrusion is a moot point.

Of course if someone made some good knee brace specific boots I'd buy 'em instead.

BTW, my ski boots butt up perfectly to the knee braces and it feels great.

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Motorep: who makes the vectors?

Gozer: I hear you on that, I sprain an ankle on a yearly basis in the Tech 8s. Luckily nothin a bad as yours. And I really, really, do try to keep my feet on the pegs. Next boots will be the hinged Sidi's unless I find something shorter that protects as well (or better!). Kinda wish Nike or someone else would get in the boot biz and drive some innovations.

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