going Nowhere in 5th gear on my Wr450


riding home from work today and was just cruising along at maybe 60kmph, when all of a sudden i started slowing down but with the same amount of revs. if i tried to go anywhere in 5th it would not do anything the only way the bike would move was if i went back to 4th gear. would anyone know what would be wrong. maybe a selector or the 5th grear cog. only thing is i only just changed my oil few days ago and i drained it when i got home and its still new and very clean so im completely lost.

any help would be great.

cheers. adam

Almost sounds like a 2 stroke "heat seize" but cant be that because its not a two stroke(ha ha) and you say it has oil.

Check if your brakes are not dragging or binding for some reason.Or even a wheel bearing seizing up.Also check chain slack as I've seen some strange things happen.

Do you notice any more clutch slip in lower gears?

If 5th is screwed, it shouldn't work at all, not start to slip and slow down under the same revs - if you cranked the throttle would it just rev up or actually pull a bit?

If every other gear works perfect with no slip than it has to be 5th, however, if you feel more clutch slip, I'd have to say your clutch is fried.

:thumbsup: yeah that is weird....i agree with matt4x4, if your tranny was screwed, it would simply not go, not go slowly, i think.....:thumbsup:

i would say clutch as well, make sure that baby ain't fried....same thing happened on my warrior, just more exaggerated

could have a damaged 5th gear.

This may be a longshot. How about clutch lever free play? Maybe it letting it slip in the high gears. One time I got a pebble lodged in the clutch Arm on top of the engine & ***? Had to dog paddle assist up a short hill before I got that one fixed by flicking the pebble out of the way!

i dont think it has anything to do with the clutch because any gear up to and including 4th is fine, under full throttle its still perfect even massive re clutches. but its just 5th. it was like it was in neutral. i have the motor out at the moment probably pull it down through the week. am i able to just replace 5th gear if thats the problem or what will i need to replace

I'd say clutch. what kind of oil did you use?

I suppose it is possible 5th gear is shreaded but that would be very surprising. Normally, it is the lower gears that get beat up. More likely would be a bent shifter fork, preventing engagement of 5th, instead providing a false neutral. Keep us posted

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