07 WR 450 dead battery-backfiring

:thumbsup: I have a dead battery on my WR and have been kicking it to start it for a month or so. I think I killed the battery in the spring as the bike was hard to start in the cold. A battery tender wont keep it charged either. Yesterday I was riding, and it was a long slow descent (low revs, no charge to the battery?) and the bike started regularly backfiring, then it just died. Does anyone know if this can just be a result of a fubared battery, or is it something different. Bike would not start at the end of the ride.:thumbsup:

I had the same issue with a completely dead battery. Your CDI needs some power so your ignition's all screwed up.

Put in a new battery and all will be fine :thumbsup:

If you pulled the battery way down when it was cold it may have frozen and shorted some cells in which case it will not be able to take a charge and could possibly cause your stator to be getting hot as well due to overworking it. Get a new battery and always start the bike with the kicker when cold, then after the engine warms up the starter is good to go. WR Dave.

Thanks for the replies, I guess it's off to Vernon Motor Sports to drop some cake.

See if there is a battery supply store in town and go there, don't forget to use your company discount, these shops are usually alot cheaper than the bike shops. Also whenever you aren't running the bike for any length of time make sure you put the engine at TDC with the kicker, by hand, so you can feel the hard spot in the compression. This will help save your valves and valve springs. :thumbsup: WR Dave

you do know that the rectifier could be bad . causing all these issues. have you checked to see if it is outputting 13.2 - 14.6 dc to the battery ?

Thanks for the tip for valve preservation.

I ordered a new battery from gnarlyparts.ca, their pricing, and shipping is competitively priced for Canada.

I didn't check the rectifier, but will do so once the new battery is in.

Yeah I pretty much get anything I can from gnarly parts Canada. They're the only company in Canada that's actually addressed the exchange issue

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