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Check out my SuperMoto !!

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I've almost finished the project. The only thing missing now is a set of mirrors.

I couldn't ride it anywhere without them so i just took the pictures in my backyard... no ragging me about my chicken strips. 🙂 (gcvt!)

The first 7 pictures are old ones that you can compare the new ones to.

I've made alot of changes and additions including:

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[*]Beringer 16mm radial master cylinder.

[*]Panoram computer and billet mount.

[*]Acerbis DHH CE headlight.

[*]UFO tail-light assembly.

[*]Replaced standard bolts with gold high tensile bolts. (Clutch & Ignition covers)

[*]Various stickers & fork wrap.

The brakes felt a bit too spongy with the standard master cylinder so that's why i went with the Beringer. I can now go over the handlebars using 1 finger... AWESOME!!

Here's the link. Take a look and tell me what you think.


Mike. :D

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