My new YZ exhaust!

Check this out guys. I was out in Joshua Tree, Cal. riding my wr and a guy comes up on a bike and says his friend just bought 426 and can't get it started.They had tried to jump start it by towing it behind a truck which led to bike and rider laying down and dragging across the lake bed together, ouch!!! So I told him I could help , followed him back to there camp spot. They had bought a brand new 2002 YZ 426 with a gyt-r exhaust the day before. So I hopped on it started it 2nd kick and made their day. Had a beer found out we lived pretty close to each other. I left that day and started thinking, hmmmm where is the factory exhaust? I called him up asked about the exhaust, he said the dealer didnt give it to him but he had to go back to take care of some paper work or something and he would get the exhaust and I could have it for...........FREE. Well I got it, slapped it on, and I am very pleased. Bike runs great!!!!!! Seems to have to be most noticeable mid throttle. I think. Need to ride it more.


Great reward for helping an $#%# out!. You probably saved his life. How many miles does it take for guy to be draged-along behind a truck before he figures it out.. Hate to be so harsh on the guy, but you saw Darwinism about to take affect, and stoped it before it happened.. You will love the pipe though....


Ahhh yes the lost art of being towed behind a truck........Just say no!!! :)

S Phillips

Next time you go out with him show him how to pour raw gas down the carb before you tow it.

Instead of an exhaust pipe you might get new graphics after you show him how to replace his melted ones from the fire :)

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Hey Lay-n-Trench -

Do you have the head pipe off your '02, or did the gentleman only give you the sparky?? I need a head pipe pretty bad, but am trying to not pay full price for one.

You can P.M. if you wish.


Dodger :):D

hey where in joshua tree do you ride ive been there a few times went past the north entrance to the national park then to old dale mine road? it was nice riding but i do want to try other places let me know thanks

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