Considering '08 YZ450F or yikes, a CRF

The Honda's suspension harshness will cost 5 - 600 bucks to fix, and a new exhaust for the yammy will also cost about the same ---- so its a push in my mind. Depends on your preferences -- i prefer great suspension over the strongest motor , especially beyond the 6th lap on a long track. The YZ does not run any slower than the CR, it just feels slower

I prefer Yamaha's, but i have beaten and been beaten by many people who ride Honda's (and Kawies and Suzies)

I have an 08 Crf 450 and love it....except of course, for the forks. Does anyone have the solution thats not 5k in mods? Less oil, subtanks, takin out the midstroke shim or something?

I have an 08 Crf 450 and love it....except of course, for the forks. Does anyone have the solution thats not 5k in mods? Less oil, subtanks, takin out the midstroke shim or something?
Contact Dave at Smart Performance, and don't ask Honda questions in the YZ forums :thumbsup:

Considering you probably won't be pushing either bike to its full potential (no offense) then I would choose the best suspension and the most reliable machine. But that's just me.

Even with the quiet pipe on the Yamaha, I'd bet your lap times won't suffer, plus having a quiet bike is the new black. lol

It seems that if you're talking '09 models, not many people seem too impressed with the CRF, at least the starting and fork issues (again). Look at the glowing reviews of the relatively antiquated YZF. Personally, I would choose the KXF, the KTM, and quite possibly the RMZ over the '09 CRF.

A steering damper you could add easily enough. Hell, you could even add one from a CRF if you're crafty enough.

Edit: I just noticed you're talking about '08 models.

Well what else are you Yamaha guys gonna talk about if you can't talk about Hondas? lol

So i'm coming off of an '05 YZ250F, and I'm going to go with either an '08 yz450f, or possibly a CRF450. I like the Yamahas, this would be my third in a row, and I'm familiar with working on them and the durability is outstanding (except for my fork seals). I know I probably can't go wrong either way, but I'm directing the question to the guys and girls who have ridden both 2008's before i dump some coin.

I like the low sound output of the YZ; the supple suspension is a bonus, and coming off a 250f I think the smoother power of the YZ would be better. But I like the steering damper on the honda, and the ergonomics are so much better on the CRF for me. I'm a bit torn between them. This would be for 80-90% motocross and 10-20% woods riding. Thoughts, opinions?

I'm not going to read all this. But my thoughts, are go with the YZ.

the stock pipe is fine....I've seen some guys use them in SX. Does it take away power yes, but are you going to miss it??? Probably not once you start checking your lap times...The Yamaha needs nothing fixed for the average rider.

Go to your local track/riding area and find someone with the bikes and ride them. Both bikes have their pluses and negatives and I'm sure either way you'll be happy.

Get the YZ! I've rode both bikes and will agree that the Honda does handle better but on the other hand the Yamaha goes through the rough stuff like a Cadillac. The downside to the Honda is the frequency you will need to check your valve clearances. The upside to this is its easy with the frame design of the Hondas as well as the Unicam motor. The Yamahas frame design doesn't make me happy when doing valve work and they are dual cams which means a bit more work. Although they will need it less often. I own both and would recommend the Yamaha even in the Honda forum.

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