GTYR vs. TT AIS Removal Kit?

I've seen writeups for both, the Yammie kit seems easier, in that is uses caps on the existing fittings, new throttle stop screw, but the TT kit maybe looks better after installation?


Any performance/reliability differences between the two?

Yes, I'm over-analyzing.


I do not like either. I like the one from F2 Racing.

That said, any AIS block off kit will out last the bike.

The TT kit only supplies the block & gasket, the intake side insert and the cap for the air box. None of the jetting was included.

The GTYR kit was in my view far more complete in that the leak jet and other jetting was included but I was not a big fan of the rubber caps that were included.

In the end I mixed and matched taking the best stuff from each kit and also going with the JD jetting kit. I suspect the kit William1 mentioned is probably a better solution but I am not familiar with it.

Make your own.

Cut a metal piece of plate in the shape of the AIS port on the head and use rubber vaccum plugs to cap the airbox tube and the air nipple ( :thumbsup: ) on the intake side of the head.

You'll be out like $8 and it'll work just like the $30 deals :thumbsup:

A key part in the F2 kit is a little aluminum plug that is inserted into the head via the allen bolt that is used as a block off when Yamaha creates the AIS passageways. This plug fills the passageway from the exhaust port, thereby preventing any carbon build up and allowing the exhaust port to ave 'smooth' walls.

Regarding jetting, the JD kit is the best solution for those that ride slow and fast stuff. If you only do fast riding, you can just buy a few different YZ needles and a few main jets. Chances are, you will want a couple of different size leak jets or an adjustable one.

I went GYTR, more stuff for your bucks.

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