Just played with the new WR450

WOW. Sign me up! I'll be a Yamaha Dealer in JUNE! HEHE

Didint get to ride it obviously...but

Very Similar seat to the current YZ seat

Tank is loooong and probably 1 inch wider than the YZ450 (1/2 inch either side)

Nice and light. (will find out the weight tomorrow)

Interesting Ignition on/off button????

VERY easy to get up on the tank/great ergos


Did you have any trouble kicking the Button? Handlebar-mounted starters are real tough... :)

I'm a bit confused, but then that's not new. Did you see/touch it at a bike show, dealer, other. And was it in Washington or where? Thanks, I am very interested if they are showing up at dealers finally. Good info in your post. Hope I don't need special training for the starter.

Did it have a completely sealed, stainless exhaust like in this photo?

Yamaha sealed exhaust

(Photo courtesy of SABIN)

I saw the new WR450 this past weekend at the IMS (International Motorcycle Show) that was put on at the Seattle Convention Center.

I sat on it for a bit, pushed the kill switch and kicked it over a couple of times, then I walked away.

I want to continue to be happy with my '98 WR400, and I pushed it just by sitting on that bike.

You 2003 WR soon-to-be owners out there are going to be very happy.

For those that haven't seen one before, the exhaust shown in the picture is the Euro pipe. It's very quiet. Since I have this pipe and the US pipe, I've done a lot of comparing. It is a little quieter than a US/Vortip.

ddialogue would you please share some more of your up close fotos from the show? Since we are starved for WR450 info.

Thankyou :)

I was actually referring to photos provided courtesy of TT member Sabin. Here's the link to his homepage with all of the photos. Thanks Sabin!

WR450 Intermod 2002 photos

I got to start one on Yamaha's web site. :)

Pretty easy there.


Yes that pipe in Sabin's photos are the Euro Spec Pipe we in South Africa also get the Euro spec bikes and all the WR's have always come out with that disgusting pipe.

The US spec bikes will probably have the usual type pipe.

That is why I have ordered a new pipe I dont want that disgusting Euro pipe it makes the bike sound like a scooter

Thanks for the phot link. Is that a oil filler cap on the frame?

Yamahas specs on their websit lists a re-packable aluminum silencer. I hope the 03 WR250 I ordered for my kid doesnt come with the steel can like my 426 had. I am looking constantly for production photos to verify this.



Got to sit on a WR450 at the motorcycle show in Denver yesterday. Very nice ergos. It is much thinner than my 2000, seems lots lighter too, I'm sure this is due to it being narrower. Because of its thinner profile it is very easy to move around on and seems you can get further up on the tank. Very nice. Can't wait to read ride reports.

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